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  • Gibberellic Acid A3

    CAS NO.77-06-5 HS code 2932209012 Content of Gibberellins Acid A3 (μg/mg):≥90...
  • Fine chemical A1

    Absolute ethyl alcohol Aceclofenac Acefylline piperazine Acetamidine ...
  • Potassium hydroxide

    Appearance:White Flakes  KOH assay:90.0%min  K2CO3:0.5%max More details
  • Bacitracin

      CAS NO.1405-87-4 HS code 2941909000 Appearance:a white or almost white...
  • Astaxanthin

    CAS NO.472-61-7  HS code 29339990 Description:Natural esterified Astaxan...
  • Tea saponin

    Assay:60.0% min saponin  Moisture content:5.0% max  Appearance:Fine powd...
  • Agar agar

    Appearance:white fine powder, Gel strength:800/900/1000/11000/1200 g/cm2 min,
  • Natural phytol

    Natural phytol CAS NO.5016-81-9 HS code 2906290090 Characteristics Yellow t...
  • Succinic acid

    Succinic acid CAS NO.110-15-6 HS code 29171990 Appearance:colorless to whit...
  • Potassium hydroxide white flake

    Potassium hydroxide white flake CAS NO.1310-58-3 Appearance:White Flakes...
  • Pine oil

    Pine oil CAS NO.8002-09-3 HS code 380590000
  • Sodium nitrate

    Sodium nitrate CAS NO.7632000 HS code 2834100000